Corporate Training

Collaborative Intelligence


  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building


  • Understanding

  • Messaging

  • Listening
  • Reasoning in a Group
  • Creativity Boosters
  • Personal Productivity
  • Business Intelligence


  • Using Non-Verbal Cues to Communicate
  • Call Centre Workshop: Contact to Script
  • Tell a story
  • Tailor message to audience
  • Be brief but specific
  • Game Theory and Cooperation
  • Recursion
  • What Is It Like to Be Human?
  • Activate your creativity
  • Dealing with Shifting Norms
  • Activating creativity through purposeful ideas association
  • Activating Creativity Through Lateral Thinking
  • Boosting Memory for greater workplace productivity
  • Nobody told me to do it!
  • Understanding mindset changes
  • Sizing up an environment
  • Identifying options and thinking ahead
  • Being responsive to the environment and feedback to the environment

  • Team Building
  • Teambuilding Fundamentals

  • Teambuilding Without Words
  • Cooperation and Negotiation
  • Understanding Others’ Perspectives
  • Clarity in Communication
  • Effective Non-Verbal Communication
  • Effective Verbal Persuasion
  • Recognizing Norms and Negotiating Rules
  • Reasoning and Social Awareness
  • Gaining Insights Into People’s Preferences
  • Power of Cooperation in Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Power of Negotiation in Dealing with Uncertainty