Corporate Training

Global Intelligence


  • Openness
  • Leadership/ Followership
  • Advanced Talent Management


  • What is Good Business?

  • Intercultural Communication and Diversity Management


  • What is “Virtue” in the corporate world
  • Going Global: Building managers for a global environment
  • Honesty in the best policy. Is it?
  • How to build reasonableness in a corporate setting: The Win-Win formula
  • Managing Diversity
  • Exercising Creativity (Association of Ideas) and Open-Mindedness
  • Communication Through Common Points of Reference
  • Leadership/ Followership
  • Leading with a Heart
  • Working with other Talents
  • 21CC leadership
  • Critical thinking for Leadership role
  • Effective Team Leadership
  • Lead your team with confidence (for New Managers)
  • Servant Leadership
  • How to lead from behind
  • What is a Leader?
  • Advanced Talent Management
  • Building Teams, Talents and Leaders
  • Building Teams
  • Building Talents
  • Building Leaders