Learning encompasses the teaching of content – the “what” of thinking, as well as the teaching of effective ways to learn, understand and assess content – the “how” of thinking. The “how” is precisely what we instill at LogicMills®.

We effectively instill a method of teaching which flows seamlessly through the lesson. This allows students to have a good flow of thought, which is guided along each step of the way. This is the IACE method.

A good introduction of the lessons ensures students are guided into the broad aspects of the skills going to be learned and how these skills may be potentially utilised.

This is the core of the lesson, which allows students to practice the skills in place. We call this experiential learning – learning by doing.

Students will learn exactly how the skills are applied in the activity, through a guided discussion. This allows students to understand how skills learned in the lesson may be used in other ways.

A guided robust discussion on how the skills learned in the lesson may be applied in areas outside the classroom. This allows students to further understand the lesson in depth and allows clarification of the skills to be applied in their daily lives.