• LogicMills started developing a Kindy version of its Analytical Thinking Skills course when parents saw that it worked with the primary school children.
  • Had an initial partnership with NTUC First Campus to test out the curriculum with more than 10 centres.


  • Tested since 2008 in over 20 pre-schools in Singapore

Learning Outcomes

  • Targets the Critical and Inventive pillar of MOE’s 21 CCs and Kindergarden Curriculum Framework.
  • Learning through play: Well-loved by all participating children.

Easy Implementation

  • Easy to implement
  • Scaffolded for all ability levels of teachers to use in classroom
  • Comprehensive Teacher Guide (published by McGraw Hill)
  • Accompanying Train the Trainer modules

Thinking Skills Curriculum

  • For 4-6 year olds
  • 112 lessons ((for 3 progressive years of N2, K1 and K2)
    – Foundation (16 base lessons)
    – N2 (32 base lessons)
    – K1 (32 base lessons)
    – K2 32 base lessons)
  • 1.0 hr to 1.5 hr lesson time each week (with easy expansion to 5.0hr to 7.5hr each week)
  • Themed and scaffolded
    – Quantitative Analysis
    – Physical and Spatial Skills
    – Matching and Pattern Recognition
    – Working Together
  • Each lesson includes
    – LogicLeaps (warmup exercises for reasoning skills like starjumps)
    – Activities (Board games, card games, role playing, big central activities)
    – Conclusion