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We use Games to Teach and Assess 21st Century Skills.

21st Century Skills = Employability Skills = Life Skills

Our Statement

The future of learning lies in 21st Century Skills.

These are the core skills we need to flourish as human beings.

21st Century Skills are skills identified by industry leaders and ministries of education that profoundly impact academic success, employability, and professional achievement.

21st Century Skills represent a global standard for education and employment.

What we do


MirMe is the world’s first validated, online, game-based assessment for 21st Century Skills. MirMe is a better predictor of student academic performance (in terms of GPA) than Cambridge GCE A-levels. MirMe works for ages 9 to 99, and can track skill growth over the course of a lifetime. This makes MirMe the perfect assessment tool for aligning education and the skills employers desire.


LogicMills curricula are game-based experiential learning programs. Research validated and extensively tested, our curricula impart 21st Century Skills, including analytical and critical thinking skills, communication skills, leadership, and emotional intelligence. We offer courses and workshops for all ages, covering K-12, undergraduate education, postgraduate education, executive education, and teacher professional development.

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