About Us

  • Singapore-based company
  • Set up in July 2005 by a group of academics and educators
  • Co-founded by Prof Mark Nowacki and Eunice Nowacki

Our History

In Singapore

  • Taught more than 80,000 students in Singapore 
  • Taught in more than 70 Singapore and international schools
  • Trained more than 2,000 MOE teachers & Certified more than 150 MOE teachers in LogicMills methods

Outside Singapore

  • Partner with BRAC in Bangladesh
  • Research partner with Plymouth University, Qatar University, CogNovo, Max Planck Institute (Berlin), NUS, SMU, CDU
  • Partners in India, Malaysia, Iran, South Korea, Vietnam, Kazakhstan
  • Trained more that 2,000 teachers and 10,000 students in India


Professor Mark Nowacki

  • Taught marine biology to graduate students when 12 years old (in Massachusetts)
  • Wrote his first book on computer databases when he was 16 (on Paradox)
  • Chess prodigy and top US Chess Player of his age when in his early teens
  • Found his life’s calling in the convergence of technology, education and games
    • Prof at SMU for 13 years
    • Published more than 15 books in education
    • Consults on education globally (US, UK, Germany, Austria, India, Bangladesh, China, Kazakhstan,  Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia) 


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