MirMe is the world’s first online game-based
assessment tool for 21st Century Skills.

MirMe® (“Mirror Me”) developed by LogicMills, is the most
innovative assessment tool on the market. Unlike traditional psychometric
tests, MirMe® has been designed as a game. By focusing on the way
individuals tackle problem-based situations, MirMe® revolutionizes the
way skills and personalities are assessed.

MirMe’s chief goal is to clarify what cognitive resources you draw on when making a decision. Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, and priorities and MirMe assesses each of them.

MirMe provides an absolute number grade that measures your Situational intelligence. When reading your grade, the higher the number the better. However, it is practically impossible to score perfectly across all the components because with every decision you make, you prioritize some aspects over others.

Our Measure Train Measure approach allows us to develop an accurate understanding of how effective an intervention is. MirMe, our assessment tool, is used before and after an intervention which lets us compare an individuals starting and ending skill levels.

MirMe’s assessment is language agnostic, and collects over a million data points over the course of the assessment. It is age normed and is suitable for ages 9-99. It has been rigorously tested over many years by both LogicMills and other respected research partners such as the Max Planck Institute (Berlin).

What is Situational Intelligence?

Situational Intelligence (SQ) is a measure of the skills necessary for making
decisions in a changing, evolving environment. SQ is a psychometric
construct that we use to quantify the following soft skills, split into these
three categories:

  1. Jump in and know where you are
    • Measures one’s ability to size up an environment
  2. Know what you can do
    • Measures one’s ability to identify possible solutions and think ahead
  3. Do it and see if it works
    • Measures one’s ability to adapt and manage new challenges

Sample MirMe Report

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