Schools Curriculum

Schools Curriculum

In a world where Wikipedia and Google are at our finger tips, we must equip themselves with skills that set us apart from the masses. We, at the very least, need to out think the Artificial Intelligences of this age. 

LogicMills developed the Analytical Thinking Skills Curriculum in 2006. Since then it has been adopted by schools world-wide to teach students of all ages thinking skills. The program ranges from Kindergarten to University to PhD holders. 

The curriculum encompasses 21st Century skills needed for students of all ages to grow with our increasingly competitive world.

Situational Intelligence

Skills to make decisions in a changing world

Collaborative intelligence

Skills we need to work well with others

Global Intelligence

Traits we need to be effective Global Citizens


Improve PISA scores
Large Scale
Easy roll-out
Internal training
Affordable pricing
Teacher Proof


Kinaesthetic learning 
Employability Skills
Non-device dependent
Self-directed learning
Family Bonding


Professional development
Engaged students
Diversify learning techniques
Step-by-step instructions
Plethora of teaching materials


Game based activities
Competitive with peers

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